September 2013 Updates: Leaving My Job to Pursue My Craziest Goals in Life

A few days after the end of every month, I reflect on what's happened in life, business and on this website. By jotting everything down in my trusty notebook, I'm able to get a clearer picture of the direction I'm heading. It allows me to focus and re-prioritize. Also, this is a great way to catch up if you have missed some posts.

Well, I did it.

I've officially left my stable, decent-paying job.

When I started my journey to becoming self-employed and set up my marketing and copywriting business over two months ago, I set the end of September as my deadline to leave my job.

I'm a ball of mixed emotions right now. On one hand, I feel anxious and fearful. I've just entered my final year in university, and at times, I find myself thinking, "Will I be able to pay next semester's tuition? Will I be able to afford my textbooks?". On the other hand, I feel relieved. Letting go of this job gives me more freedom and time.

In addition to full-time studies, I've also been working with awesome clients, juggling two roles at Startup Canada, and receiving training to be a Career Peer Educator on campus. I'm excited to be able to find more time to myself. A bit of extra time also lets me do more work on my website. I have some exciting projects lined up! Although I'm keeping them a secret right now, join my newsletter to get early updates!


In September, I launched a new weekly series called Young People Changing The World. In this series, I interview young entrepreneurs who are chasing after their dreams and making them a reality. This series is my response to media who label the young generation as 'lazy, entitled narcissists'. Every Monday, I share the story of young leaders and entrepreneurs who are doing great things. My goal with this series is to inspire young people to take action. Be bold. Go after your craziest, wildest dreams. Make a positive change in the world.

This past month, I interviewed Vincent Nguyen, the 19-year-old author of the fastest growing personal development blog, and Sandra Garcia, the founder of Conscious Public Relations. Read about their journey!

I also spent a day with 1,200+ of Vancouver's finest marketers and learnt from the marketing world's best thinkers and bestselling authors, such as Eric Ryan of Method, Arianna Huffington, Scooter Braun and more. I wrote a recap and gave an actionable list of 30 Marketing Lessons from the Art of Marketing Vancouver.

What Went Well

I reached out to people I admire.

When I began my journey this summer, one of the first things I did was write down a list of people I admire. People who inspired me through their writing. People who possessed the characteristics and skills I would like to one day have. After hesitating and worry of being ignored, I just clicked the 'send' button. The first person to reply was Vincent of Self Stairway. I'm so lucky to have him as my first guest on Young People Changing The World.

I work with an ambitious team with lofty goals. I officially started my two roles at Startup Canada at the beginning of the month. As Co-Lead of the 1000 Startups campaign, I work with two entrepreneurs, Edwin and Deborah, to tell the stories of Canada's fantastic startups. I've taken a Communications-focused role, where I've been able to use marketing knowledge and my writing to help Canada's entrepreneurs. In my other role as Assistant Editor of PIVOT Magazine, I work with Shauna and Kyle in the publication's strategic planning and taking on an editorial role.

I feel lucky to be doing what I'm doing. I regularly ask myself how in the world I've been given such amazing opportunities. I love writing. I love hearing ideas. I love marketing. I'm fortunate to be able to do what I do everyday.

What Can Be Improved

I've felt overwhelmed.

With midterms and final paper proposals approaching next week, there were many moments when I've hoped to wake up to news that 4 extra hours had been added to each day. Since leaving my job, I plan to balance everything out again.


I'm thankful to Jesicka Labud, Eric Yau and Kristin Roha. These three form my awesome Mastermind group. They've pushed and prodded me when I felt stuck. They've given me feedback, when I needed it most. The three of you are amazing.

I'm thankful to James Pena, Eben Haezer Saputra and Eva Yin. I'm used to asking people about their ideas. During my separate coffee chats with these three, they asked me questions. Some tough, some fun, but all thought-provoking. Glad to have had great conversations with these three.

I'm thankful to Mom and Dad. They're the biggest supporters of my crazy ideas!

Last but not least, I'm thankful to Rob. I don't talk about him very often here. We celebrated our first anniversary in September, and he's the best listener I know. Thank you for letting me ramble endlessly about my business.

What's Coming Next


I'm heading to Calgary for a big, Buiza family celebration and reunion! 


Each Monday, I publish an interview with a young entrepreneur on Young People Changing The World. I've got some exciting guests in October! My first one, which I published this week, was Christine Michelle, founder of a movement unifying youth in Africa.

Other guests this month include a Youtube star, a founder of a publishing company and a young entrepreneur with the goal of providing more internet access and resources to African youth.

Apart from the series, I plan on publishing an additional article each week. This month, I'll write about the following topics:

  • Leadership lessons from student leaders around the world
  • How to invest in yourself without spending a penny
  • Using Twitter to reach your business goals

I hope I can give value to you with my writing, and am always open to your feedback.

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