Thoughts on the Future and a Perfect Day

I'm the kind of person who is always thinking two steps ahead. I think about the future often, and believe it's important to have some sort of idea of where you would like to be. 

I'm nearing the end of another semester at my university, which leaves me with four classes to go until I graduate. I wonder about a lot of things. What kind of work will I do? Where will I work? Who will I work with? Last year, I made it my mission to become self-employed. And I did it. I did freelance work for great clients from around the world. I learnt many things along the way. Today, I still consider self-employment or starting a business as an ultimate goal. However, there's still lots for me to learn. I want to work with and learn from knowledgeable people. With a heavy heart, I had to say goodbye to a few clients this year. In the end, what this gives me is time and focus to kickstart a career, doing what I enjoy.

Over on Blonde on a Budget, Cait wrote about how she envisions her daily life in 5 years. This is an interesting exercise to do. Plans do change, and it will be interesting to revisit this post down the road. Here's how I envision my perfect day, 5 years from today. 

1. What time do you wake up, and how are you feeling as you greet the day? 

I'm awake at 6 a.m., feeling fresh and energized. Within the next hour, I read, meditate, write in my journal and look over my to-do list. All with a hot cup of tea! 


2. Where are you? If you’re at home, what does it look like? 

A home in the quiet part of a big city or suburb. It will have 2 bedrooms, a study room and a large kitchen. My home is organized and minimalist. The study room will have shelves of books, a comfy sofa, large windows and a simple office desk for working.

3. Who is with you? 

My husband, and maybe, a dog.

4. What kind of work are you doing? (If you have no idea what kind of work you’ll be doing or want to be doing, list the qualities you want to find in the work you do and the kind of work environment you want.) 

Regardless of my position, my work entails speaking and listening to people sharing their ideas and experiences, finding creative ways to help them spread their message, writing and communicating with others. If I'm working for an agency or company, I believe in their mission and they are a forward-thinking company where new ideas and creativity are valued. Like Buffer and Basecamp (previously known as 37signals), there is an option to work remotely. 

5. As you head out to face the day, how do you look? What are you wearing? 

I'm comfortable and professional. In warmer weather, I'll have a dress, cardigan and sandals. In cooler weather, I'll have slim trousers, a shirt, blazer and shoes with a short heel.

Coffee Shop

6. How do you get to work? 

I cycle, walk or take public transportation. My home will be close to where I work. If I'm working remotely, I'll either walk to my study room or a nearby quiet coffee shop.

7. When you’re done with work, how will you spend you spare time and with whom? What activities do you enjoy? 

I'll be relaxing outdoors with a book and hot tea. If I didn't exercise in the morning, I'll work out, go for a run outdoors or play a team sport. I enjoy reading, writing, travel, exploring the city and the outdoors.

8. What is your evening like? 

Relaxed. My partner and I will enjoy a delicious, healthy meal we've prepared. We'll tell each other about our day and talk about plans for the week. A few friends and family members may have come over for dinner. We might play some board games or just catch up. Close to the end of the night, the home is organized, I've prepared my to-do list for the next day and I'm winding down the day by writing in my journal and reading a book.

9. When you go to bed that night, how are you feeling after spending the day doing exactly what you love? 


10. What are you most grateful for and what are you looking forward to as you go to sleep? 

I feel lucky to be surrounded by people I love and admire. I feel grateful to have a career that is meaningful, has growth opportunities and pushes me. I'm happy to be healthy - physically and mentally. I look forward to opportunities to grow, be challenged and help people some way.

What does your perfect day look like?