How OMG Social Media Conference Simplifies Social Media For Your Business

I can hardly believe it.

Nine days to go until the OMG Social Media Conference in Vancouver, Canada! Over eight months ago, I met with Salina Siu and Lesley Yuen, who envisioned a conference that would simplify social media for small business owners. In full support of their vision, I joined the team, and along with four other undergrads and recent graduates, we volunteered our time to build the conference.

It's been an exciting journey for the team. From brainstorming ideas during our team meetings at Launch Academy and Wavefront, to hosting our official launch at the Hootsuite HQ, we've had a blast, and can't wait to present OMG Social Media Conference to the world! 

So, What is OMG Social Media Conference?  

These days, many entrepreneurs know the value of using social media in their business: engaging with your community, building your brand as an expert, attracting leads to add to your sales pipeline, improving customer service by listening to conversations, and more. With these benefits, why wouldn't anyone want to use social media for the business? 

Too often, however, small business owners are bombarded with differing messages and strategies, without first understanding the basics of using social media. This is where OMG Social Media Conference helps. On Thursday, August 15th, in Vancouver, Canada, we're bringing together 6 industry leaders and 10 social media experts to share real world experiences, and best case practices in how to grow a brand presence online and bring in more customers. 

Reasons to Attend

Who are our speakers and experts, and what will they be speaking about? Below is an infographic telling you more reasons why you should attend.  

It's Not Too Late to Join Us! 

We still have tickets remaining, which can be purchased by following this link to our website. Also, drop me a line to let me know if you are interested in attending!