October 2013 Updates: Pivoting Into a New Project

A few days after the end of every month, I reflect on what's happened in life, business and on this website. By jotting everything down in my trusty notebook, I'm able to get a clearer picture of the direction I'm heading. It allows me to focus and re-prioritize. Also, this is a great way to catch up if you have missed some posts.

2013-10-31 15.33.07.jpg

Over three months ago, I started my journey to self-employment. I made a commitment to lead a life and build a business that aligned with my three core values of simplicity, curiosity and helping others. I've spent my time helping entrepreneurs and small business owners with copywriting and marketing services. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunities to work with great clients.

However, I've come to the conclusion that it's time for a change.

I plan to continue working with my ongoing clients, but have no intentions to actively find new ones. The first reason? Consulting may not be for me. I'm the kind of person who prefers building relationships and helping others. As much as I love getting paid to give advice and create plans, I can't shake away this odd feeling I get. Chris Guillebeau writes his experience with consulting, which sums up my thoughts: 

" I launched a brief consulting service late last year and had plenty of customer interest, but I felt that the dynamic of the relationship changed when someone was paying me for my time. I shut it down after a few months and no longer accept offers to pay for access." - Chris Guillebeau, December 2009

The second and biggest reason? I've started working on a new project. This project excites the heck out of me. I'd been mulling around with this idea for some time, and finally decided in October to start working on it. Essentially, I'm attempting to create a platform that will combine my two core values of curiosity and helping others. I'm driven by this goal of alleviating social issues and helping people gain new knowledge. I'll be sharing more information as the project moves along. To stay up to date, you can also join my newsletter or add me to your RSS reader


In October, I proposed the idea of creating the Vancouver Business Book Club. Although interest was high, the club is currently on hold for the new year. If you are interested in joining the book club, you can sign up on our mailing list to receive updates for future meetups.

For the Young People Changing The World series, I interviewed Christine Michelle of Merita Movement, Salina Siu of the Salinabear YouTube channel, Tom Morkes of Insurgent Publishing, and Omotayo Fagbohun of Homety Consult. Read about these young leaders and entrepreneurs who are taking action and going after their craziest dreams. 

I also wrote an article asking 19 student leaders what single leadership lesson they can share. I received answers such as "Stop trying to please everyone" and "Remind yourself of the impact of your work." You can find more answers on the article '19 Leadership Lessons from Leaders of the World's Largest Student-Run Organization'.

What Went Well

Saying no.

Reconnecting with old friends.

What Can Be Improved

I bottle up my emotions. I'm a happy person, and love sharing this emotion with others. On the other hand, I'm terrible at communicating stress and worries. I tend to bottle up these kind of feelings until they bubble over. I'm learning to be more open about this. 


I have a fantastic support network which includes my family, Rob, close friends and mentors. Thank you for always listening. 

What's Coming Next


Exams and final paper due dates are fast approaching. I'm spending the majority of my time in coffee shops, studying and working on papers. 

With my new project, I'm currently seeking resources at my university, as well as searching for a technical co-founder.  


I'm doing Scott Dinsmore's blog challenge! Until the end of the year, I'll be publishing at least one new blog post with a minimum of 500 words. 

This month, I'm testing out a new publishing schedule, which will have the Young People Changing The World series become a biweekly feature. 

I hope I can give value to you with my writing, and am always open to feedback. 

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