A new home in Squarespace!

I've been blogging on-and-off for over a decade. From humble beginnings with web services such as Angelfire, Lycos and Geocities to more recent platforms including Tumblr, Wordpress and Posterous, I've played around with most blogging websites.

A week ago, I read an article that mentioned a growing platform called Squarespace, and was immediately intrigued. Seven days later, I've officially made the move from Wordpress to Squarespace, and I couldn't be any happier. Here are the reasons why I've made Squarespace my new home on the internet. 

Squarespace platform - LayoutEngine

Squarespace platform - LayoutEngine

Ease of use

Squarespace makes it simple and easy to create beautiful and functioning websites. For users who don't have extensive coding knowledge, their platform lets you create rich web pages. My favourite feature is their LayoutEngine technology, which lets users simply drag and drop their content to create a customized layout.

Minimalist design

I enjoy clean and clutter-free websites. Their simple themes provide a base to work with, which encourages a focus on content, rather than noise. 

Search engine optimized 

Tagging options, customized links and sitemaps. These, and other features are included which allow for better SEO.

24/7 customer support 

Just before writing this blog post, I sent over a question to customer support. Although it was not an urgent matter, I received a response several minutes later from John B. Thanks for your reply, John, and it's nice to see that I'm not the only night owl tonight. 

If you're a student, small business owner, freelancer or creative professional, this platform may be the best way for you to showcase your portfolio, writing or company. Of course, Squarespace isn't for everyone. Just like how I prefer their features over other platforms, some may prefer the interface or features of another service. However, I do encourage everyone to give them a try. Maybe, just maybe, Squarespace is exactly what you're looking for.