Hey there, it's nice to meet you.

My name's Christina. I was born in the Philippines, raised in Indonesia, and now live in Vancouver, Canada. I grew up as an expat kid, or Third Culture Kid. I would describe myself as a curious life-long learner who finds happiness in experiences and helping others. 

After six years in marketing and communications, I made the switch to customer support and success in early 2016. Currently, I work as a Customer Champion at Zapier, a company that gives people internet superpowers by letting them easily connect and automate the apps they use.

During my spare time, I'm also a freelance writer with a focus on technology, business, and travel. 

When not in front of the computer, I can usually be found exploring places near and far, spending time outdoors (usually hiking, canoeing or snowshoeing), reading a good book, scribbling and writing, or helping out in the community.  

I'm always looking for ways to help out in the community. Get in touch if you think we should work on a project together!

3 things that fascinate me: 

  1. The future of work, leadership, and education 
  2. Technology, entrepreneurship, innovative ideas, and their influences on people, society, and social issues
  3. People's stories – their aspirations, vision, and goals

Core values


Ask questions about our world, and refuse to accept the status quo. Have an open mind about ideas and people. 


Living a clutter-free and minimalist lifestyle. Redefine your perceptions of success, one that isn't exclusively tied to material possessions.

Helping Others

Pass your knowledge and experience to others. Don't view an interaction as a transaction. 

What I've been up to – captured in photos 


(Disclaimer: All opinions, conclusions, or recommendations expressed on my website are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of any companies and organizations that are associated to me.)