"The best advice is not to write what you know, it's to write what you like. Write the kind of story you like best—write the story you want to read. The same principle applies to your life and your career." ― Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist


Hello, my name's Christina Buiza.

I'm a soon-to-graduate Sociology student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. After graduating, my goal is to work in Marketing, PR, or Communications within the tech, digital media or non-profit sector. Outside of school, I flex my creative muscles by supporting organizations and causes I support, including Startup Canada, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs BC and am a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade's Leaders of Tomorrow program. Interested in learning more about me? Learn More →

You've stumbled across my personal website, which is also the digital home of my work and interests. In my portfolio (coming soon!), you'll find samples of my professional writing. In my blog, I write articles for young people who want to lead simple, mindful and values-aligned lives. My goal is to combine research, personal anecdotes and interviews to give useful articles on personal development, marketing and society.

More accurately, it's a collection of my own journey to personal and professional success while sharing a few of other peoples' stories. Learn More →